General tips and tricks for TU Delft

  • Web applications: Most internal web applications (timesheets, expenses, travel, courses…) are linked from the intranet landing page.

  • Remote Windows desktop: it is possible to access a remote Windows 10 desktop with some private storage space and many licensed applications (e.g. Adobe, Office) already installed, via a web-based software called ‘Citrix’. Just log in with your NetID and password here. Make sure you limit your use to when necessary and log out of Citrix when done, as the university has limited licenses.

  • Be aware of the many options for Open Access publishing: TU Delft covers the full article processing charge for all of Elsevier’s ‘hybrid’ journals (i.e. those allowing both Gold Open Access publishing and conventional, paywalled publishing) and for the vast majority of fully open acess journals from any publisher (e.g. PLOS ONE). Check out this page for all the details, or simply browse your preferred journal here and check whether it is covered.

  • Applying for reimbursement of travel & accomodation expenses (e.g., for a conference): You have to apply for a foreign trip via a web system called “Digiforms”. This intranet page provides all the necessary information about business trips. In short, the Digiforms portal will ask for the date and purpose of the trip and for an estimation of the expenses (by cost voice, e.g., travel, accomodation, food, etc.). This needs to be a rough estimate and not the exact amount that you will be ultimately reimbursed (which could vary, for instance, based on the actual expenses for food or public transport which you can only roughly estimate beforehand). You can also ask for 75% of the estimated expenses to be paid to you in advance, provided that such 75% of the total estimated costs is higher than 250 Euros. Finally, you need to ask you daily supervisor which Baancode or Projectcode you can use as a financial source.

  • Licensed access to the online collaborative whiteboard platform MIRO: Since December 2020, TU Delft staff and students can make use of the online tool MIRO, offering a range of functions for online collaboration and the structured collection of information and ideas. Beyond the option of starting with an empty whiteboard, MIRO provides a number of templates - e.g. for creating mindmaps or flowcharts - and allows for the integration of images, files, and other tools. To get started, employees have to requested a “team” (i.a. a project) via the Self-Service Portal and can, once confirmed, log on to As the admin of the respective team/project, they can create new boards. Students cannot apply for their own boards, but they can be invited to join boards created by staff. The request of such a license for employees does not entail any additional costs for the department or faculty. On the intranet, you can find further information on the tool and process for signing up. In order to directly request a new board, go to the Self-Service Portal.